About Us

The journey of ‘Jazelz’ started ten years ago to create exquisite girls clothing for weddings, parties and special occasions. ‘Jazelz’ is a fusion of trend inspired silhouettes using luxury fabrics in a boutique essence. Delicate embellishments, prints and special details add individuality to each style.

We are an online lifestyle boutique providing Flower girl, special occasion dresses and indian girlswear. In addition to the apparel, Jazelz is introducing lifestyle products and accessories. We also provide a Bespoke service in our studio to create wonderfully made and beautifully designed individual pieces, by appointment only.

Founder ‘Jaz Jutley’ began her career as a childrenswear designer for reputable European and US brands. Jaz’s passion for designing and making one-off pieces for her neices has become a much sought after style which led to the creation of ‘Jazelz’.

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